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Tornado Grenade - Troubleshooting Guide

A LOT of grenades are in use now and we've helped quite a few users through some technical difficulties with our product. We realize that our product is one that requires more maintenance than most airsoft products and it's operation...

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Tornado Grenade - How it Works

For some time I wrestled with the idea of publishing this "How it Works" article. On one hand I didn't want to hand over a couple years of R&D to some clone shop. On the other, I do want to...

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Green Gas is Propane - Frequently Asked Questions

Is green gas propane or is it like propane? So it's really propane? How can you be sure? So, why should I fill my gun with propane instead of green gas? Isn't it flammable? How come green gas smells different...

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Green Gas is Propane - Laboratory Analysis

Green Gas has become a staple airsoft consumable for powering GBBs. At US$15 a can, gas is the biggest running expense in GBB use. I'm a GBB enthusiast! I play twin PKIIs with extended 52rnd mags akimbo style against AEGs...

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