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Technical Articles + FAQs

Cyclone Impact Grenade - Frequently Asked Questions

Why grenades? How does it work? How does it shoot so hard? Does it work in tall grass? How much does it cost per use? What is the effective range of this grenade? Does it require special paperwork to ship...

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Tornado Grenade - Troubleshooting Guide

A LOT of grenades are in use now and we've helped quite a few users through some technical difficulties with our product. We realize that our product is one that requires more maintenance than most airsoft products and it's operation...

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Tornado Grenade - How it Works

For some time I wrestled with the idea of publishing this "How it Works" article. On one hand I didn't want to hand over a couple years of R&D to some clone shop. On the other, I do want to...

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Green Gas is Propane - Frequently Asked Questions

Is green gas propane or is it like propane? So it's really propane? How can you be sure? So, why should I fill my gun with propane instead of green gas? Isn't it flammable? How come green gas smells different...

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Green Gas is Propane - Laboratory Analysis

Green Gas has become a staple airsoft consumable for powering GBBs. At US$15 a can, gas is the biggest running expense in GBB use. I'm a GBB enthusiast! I play twin PKIIs with extended 52rnd mags akimbo style against AEGs...

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