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Airsoft Pope Impact Grenade Review

"...[The Impact Grenade is] simple, robust and extremely effective." - Airsoft Pope

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Booligan Impact Grenade Review

"I'm extremely pleased to add [The Impact Grenade] this to my arsenal, and can foresee it getting a lot of use in CQB scenarios." - Booligan

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Popular Airsoft Impact Grenade Review

"All in all, the AI Tornado Impact Grenade is probably the best airsoft grenade in its class out in the market today." - Master Chief

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Airsoft Forum UK Impact Grenade Review

"I can honestly say that without the Tornado [Impact Grenade] at least half my entries into buildings wouldn't have got past the front door, with it, every time it went in the first room was already clear." - jcheeseright

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Airsoft Monkey Impact Grenade Review

"Most importantly, the Impact Grenade detonates every single time without fail..." - Airsoft Monkey

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