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Unconventional Airsoft Timer Grenade Review

"Quite simply I have never seen something fill this role as well as the Tornado Grenade." - Unconventional Airsoft

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Colin's Corner Oil Pump Review

"Now you don’t need to lug silicon oil out to the field anymore or worry about whether you’re oiling your guns or tornadoes enough. Simply prep your tanks beforehand and you’re set!" - Colin Sun

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Colin's Corner GasCan Review

"One of the biggest features of the device is, it allows you to oil your gas mags and the Tornado grenade without having to drop oil between the propane adapter and gas tank!" - Colin Sun

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Booligan GasCan Review

"Being able to carry a usable quantity of extra Propane/GG into the field in a sturdy and compact container is incredibly handy, and can keep you in the game longer." - Booligan

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Airsoft Ireland Impact Grenade Review

"I recommend this to all airsofters who think thy may do a bit of CQB." - Cavio

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