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Zombie Green Impact Grenades Now Available

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Introducing our High-Strength Steel GunGas Kits.

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The Tornado.

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We're happy to announce two awesome deals for Black Friday weekend through to Cyber Monday. The strongest adaptor in the world for the price of plastic. $14.95 gets you a High Strength Steel GunGas Kit, the typical price of our standard GunGas Kit & Free GunGas Kit with your Tornado Grenade purchase Happy Black Friday Weekend,

– - The Airsoft Innovations Team

"I'm extremely pleased to add [the Impact Grenade] to my arsenal, and can foresee it getting a lot of use in CQB scenarios."

– Airsoft Retreat

We now have the first and only High Strength Steel Probe... you know, for people who sometimes knock them off tables. Our probe is made of a strong, heat treated steel which resists drop damage better than our competitors' aluminum probes. Now available separately or combined with our Oil Pump for an ALL-IN-ONE GBB/Tornado service kit. We still sell our classic plastic GunGas Adaptors, of course. All kits come with our premium, ultra-light 15wt silicon oil (in a new spill-resistant bottle), a duster tip, and a 365-day warranty.

– - The Airsoft Innovations Team

"I can honestly say that without the Tornado [Impact Grenade] at least half my entries into buildings wouldn't have got past the front door, with it, every time it went in the first room was already clear."

– Airsoft Forums UK